Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA)

Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) is a safety technology that alerts drivers when they exceed the speed limit. ISA activates when a driver exceeds the posted speed limit for a section of road by a set speed (eg. 2km/hr or more).  Audio and visual warnings activate to remind the driver that they are going too fast.

ISA can also be fitted with a speed limiting function which increases the pressure on the accelerator when you exceed the posted speed limit, making it harder to accelerate.

 ISA system

How does it work?

ISA determines the location of the car through global positioning (GPS) navigation and cross references this information to a digital road map containing speed limit information for each road.  It then analyses the speed of the car and issues a visual and audio warning to notify the driver if they are travelling at a defined amount (eg. 2km/hr) or more over the speed limit. 

If ISA is used as an active speed limiter it can physically prevent the driver from exceeding the posted speed limit by reducing the throttle signal going to the car's computer if it detects excessive throttle for the current speed limit zone the car is travelling in.

If ISA is fitted with a speed limiting function it increases the pressure on the accelerator when you exceed the posted speed limit, making it harder to accelerate and break the speed limit.

ISA can be of assistance to the driver by:

Why do I need it?

If all cars in Australia were fitted with ISA:

If an active speed limiting ISA was uniformly fitted to all cars in Australia:

In addition, ISA can contribute to significant reductions in fuel consumption and car emissions without significant increases in travel times.

How is ISA different to a speed alert system?

A speed alert system, common on many cars, only provides an audiovisual warning if the speed programmed by the driver is exceeded.  ISA automatically provides warnings in all speed zones once the posted speed limit is exceeded by a set amount (eg. 2km/hr or more).  ISA uses GPS and digital mapping to determine the cars location and the speed limit for the road on which the car is travelling.

Is ISA commercially available?

ISA is a new technology and is still being refined. The TAC are currently undertaking demonstrations of a device manufactured by Speedshield to stimulate interest and demand in this technology.

ISA is currently cmmercially available from a limited number of providers including: