Young Drivers

Becoming a P plater is a time of independence and freedom. Finally, you and your mates are able to get around without waiting for mum, dad or the train.

But there is also a serious side. In the first year or so after getting your licence you are more at risk of being involved in a crash than almost any other driver on the road. Your risk is further increased if you are driving around with your mates.

You can help reduce your risk of being in a crash by:

Not using a mobile phone


From 25 November 2013, new rules relating to the use of mobile phones while driving will be introduced in Victoria.

Penalties for the illegal use of mobile phones whilst driving will increase:


Penalties for the illegal use of visual display units such as DVD players and tablet computers will be consistent with mobile phone penalties:


Holders of a probationary P2 licence will not be able to use a mobile phone for any task while driving, including making or receiving a call or messaging of any kind; this ban already applies to probationary P1 licence holders and learner drivers.

Note that it remains illegal for any driver to use a hand-held mobile phone or visual display unit while driving.

Not drinking and driving 

Wearing your seat belt

Not driving tired

Driving a safe car

A safe car could save you or your mate's life in a crash.